DevOps Philosophy

DevOps Philosophy, why is it so popular?

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DevOps can also be looked at like an efficient work-culture, where the developer team and the operations team can develop, test, deploy and maintain software requirements, build with excellent code quality and gain complete control of all operations.

The main factors that are influencing the DevOps market growth are an increase in need of efficiency and maintainability of operational processes, a substantial rise in adoption of cloud computing along PaaS, greatly decreasing downtime in the software development life-cycle and the extensive usage of IoT in smart devices and many other applications.

Here are the main reasons why businesses should adopt the DevOps Model:

Efficient strategic planning for Development and Deployment

The biggest obstacle for any IT project is coordinating between developer and operations teams to develop and deploy services as quickly as possible. A comprehensive set of DevOps practices not only help in easy organization and distribution of responsibility, but it also acts as a solid foundation to streamline operations for maximum productivity. This will also lead to improved collaboration between teams to meet customer demands while catalyzing their growth.

Consistent improvement and quicker software delivery

DevOps practices can greatly improve the quality of services while deploying new features, while also enabling DevOps team to address pressing issues. Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) are two such practices where the developer can make changes to the code and smoothly merge it to the source code. Developers can go live more swiftly and meet customer requirements or even make changes on-the-go.

Improves security for the software

The DevOps methodology ensures that the IT security team has been actively participating in the software development cycle from its initiation to its deployment. This allows the IT security team to build security into your services continuously and keep the security updated with the latest security compliance. Software security is seen as a ‘collaborative practice’, which acts as the first step before any product development.

Improves customer experience

Efficient DevOps practices can greatly decrease failure rates during service delivery, while minimizing down-time exponentially. The developer team and the operations team will continuously test and take feedback to ensure customer requirements are met along with a quick, efficient delivery. The delivery pipeline can be automated, giving the developers ample time to build more products while the operations team can improve business delivery.

Data-driven decision making

Established DevOps practices assist businesses in leveraging data and gaining valuable insights that help business leaders make data-driven decisions that improve overall efficiency. DevOps practices also removes hierarchies that require layers of approvals, which increases the speed of operations. Faster decision creates more opportunities for businesses and accelerates the implantation of innovative ideas.

So how do businesses adopt DevOps practices efficiently? (…or are they?)

According to a DevOps report from Gartner, 75% of DevOps initiatives will not meet expectations by 2022 due to,

  • Inefficient collaboration
  • Lack of buy-in from employees
  • Trying to do too much too soon
  • Unrealistic expectations
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DevOps Philosophy, why is it so popular?

So, the best way to approach this issue is to create a proper, efficient plan that addresses challenges proactively. The best bet for any business is to approach an experienced, certified consulting partner who can help you maneuver around any challenges that may arise.

Looking to adopt a DevOps culture to increase efficiency? Not sure where to start? Contact us and we’ll help you on your path towards digital transformation.



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