Managed Cloud

Managed Cloud - Control yourcloud resources and infrastructure.

Our Managed Cloud service offering provides adaptable solutions, tailored to fit your organizations unique needs and requirements. Our delivery model can be deployed across all areas of responsibility, all the way from architecture, design and migration – to optimization, modernization, security, automation, support and management.

Custom solutions for specific requirements

Opsio specializes in the operation and support of public, private and hybrid cloud platforms. Opsio's certified consultants provide a professional IT operation focusing on quality of output and cost-efficiency. Our managed services are tailored to meet your organization's specific needs and requirements. This includes, but is not limited to, migration, optimization, security, DevOps, re-invention and maintenance.
Opsio’s services are designed to enable organizations to maximize their productivity and to focus on their core business, by leaving the heavy lifting to us. Managed Cloud services can be applied for public, private and hybrid models of cloud infrastructure. Our services include managed AWS cloud services and Managed Azure cloud services.
Our Approach
How we help business manage cloud services

Infrastructure & App Management Services

Performance Management

Quality Assurance

Backup & Disaster Recovery

How we work
Our service is tailor-made to address bottlenecks and to relieve the organization from heavy lifting, while enabling your business to reach new heights in the cloud, customized to your unique needs and requirements.
Customized delivery
Quality assurance
Support & incident management
Managed Cloud Services
Cost-efficient solutions that boost productivity and improve security
Opsio’s Managed cloud services can put a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips. With the support of a team of dedicated experts, we help your business make informed decisions about your infrastructure, to ensure your requirements and business goals are met.
Tailor-made services
Our team will work closely with your business to establish a tailor-made model to fit your needs and requirements, so that your business is well equipped to to face unique challenges.
Our managed cloud services helps businesses to improve their security posture and decrease risk exposure. With our experience and expertise in cloud platforms, such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS), cybersecurity risk management features can be utilized to the fullest.
Cost efficiency
By drawing benefit from the tailor-made nature of our service delivery, you avoid unnecessary expenditure by allowing your time and focus to be shifted towards your core business development.

Supported platforms

Efficient Cloud computing with AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the world’s biggest and broadly adopted cloud platforms, offering a plethora of fully featured services from data centers globally. With lower costs, become more agile, and innovate faster.

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