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Opsio & Opus Bilprovning: Driving Innovation and Operational Excellence in Automotive Inspections with the AWS Cloud

Executive Summary

Opus Bilprovning, one of Sweden’s largest automotive inspection companies, stands at the forefront of their industry, boasting nearly 100 inspection stations spanning from Kiruna in the north, to Malmö in the south. Annually, they meticulously inspect around two million vehicles, prioritizing stringent quality checks and customer satisfaction.

In 2022, Opus Bilprovning set out on a mission to reinvent the cloud systems that stand at the core of their organization, and set a long-term strategy for continuous operational excellence.

This journey led them to collaborate with Opsio, to further maximize the value of their cloud investment. Opsio is a distinguished cloud consultancy service provider specializing in driving innovation through the power of cutting-edge technology and globally available cloud infrastructure.

Opsio and Opus Bilprovning joined forces to reach Opus Bilprovning’s high-set standard for stable, secure and modernized cloud operations – leveraging the power of Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) native ecosystem, and Opsio’s self-produced services for operational excellence, support and continuous modernization.

Together they established a transparent and efficient collaboration structure, where Architects, Engineers, Specialists and Developers from both companies can seamlessly collaborate to achieve Opus Bilprovning’s business goals in the cloud.

The Requirements: Opus Bilprovning’s Critical Criteria

In search of a trustworthy partner, Opus Bilprovning sought a partner capable of overseeing their cloud infrastructure and applications from an operational perspective, while also driving Opus Bilprovning’s strategy for continuous optimization and modernization. All of this without ever compromising with Opus Bilprovning’s high standards for a secure and stable cloud infrastructure.

As part of qualifying the right partner for Opus Bilprovning’s future, a foundation of requirement criteria was set. As a response, Opsio defined a scope of responsibilities to meet Opus Bilprovning’s requirements – which shaped the structure and layout of Opsio’s self-produced Managed Cloud services.

Transparent Collaboration Partner Opus Bilprovning sought a partner that transparently and reliably could integrate with their existing team, to ensure their long-term strategy and goals could be achieved with strength in numbers, and with various competencies to take care of each individual aspect of their AWS infrastructure according to best practice. As an experienced AWS Consulting Partner, Opsio stepped in with a collaboration model cast in transparency, to foster a partnership culture built on efficient communication, mutual decision-making, and continuous progression.

Operational Excellence: AWS Infrastructure Acknowledging the criticality of Opus Bilprovning’s cloud environment (and the applications housed therein), Opsio assumed the responsibility of managing Opus Bilprovning’s AWS infrastructure by deploying a range of services for CloudOps, DevOps, SecOps and optimization.

This strategic re-allocation significantly reduced the burden of operational heavy lifting on Opus Bilprovning’s internal teams, allowing their focus to be shifted toward the development of their core business.

Opsio’s dedicated services for efficient AWS operations secured continuous stability, security and optimization of Opus Bilprovning’s infrastructure – ensuring their vital applications could be run optimally and aligned with their business objectives.

Future-Ready Infrastructure: Continuous Innovation As beacons of innovation in their industry, Opus Bilprovning realized the importance of approaching modernization continuously. This made for a good fit with Opsio, as certified experts in the field of technological innovation leveraging AWS’ ecosystem of services.

Their joint strategies aim at anticipating and adapting to evolving needs in a swiftly changing technological landscape, where Opsio's forward-looking approach empowers Opus Bilprovning to always run their tech-stack optimally, while maintaining a leading edge of innovation within their industry.

Centralization: Enablement of streamlined AWS-native technology Driven by the aspiration of centralizing their AWS-estate to one optimally performing AWS region, Opus Bilprovning underscored the need to secure a cross-region migration to achieve their long-term strategies.

Opsio was engaged to perform an efficient transition between regions, centralizing Opus Bilprovning’s infrastructure and account structure into one core region – allowing Opus Bilprovning to draw benefit from the chosen region and its’ vast availability of AWS-native services.

This strategic shift also brought about a transition from a traditional EC2 instance based setup towards containerization leveraging AWS-native services such as AWS Elastic Container Services and services to orchestrate the containers in a streamlined manner.

As a pivotal component of this initiative, a thought-out Disaster Recovery strategy was established, ready to guarantee a seamless and dependable transition to alternative AWS regions should an unexpected event occur.

The Collaboration

To meet Opus Bilprovning’s defined requirements, goals, and standards – the parties agreed on a delivery scope based on Opsio’s core services. These services provide Opus Bilprovning with the possibility to focus on their core business and driving innovation in their applications and systems. By providing a broad lineup of teams with niche competencies in their respective fields, Opsio makes sure Opus Bilprovning can rest assured that their infrastructure is constantly managed with their best interest always in mind.

Managed Cloud: Operations (DevOps, SecOps, CloudOps) Opsio’s comprehensive Managed Cloud service portfolio encompass DevOps, SecOps and CloudOps, providing efficiency in operations in a way that is tailored to fit Opus Bilprovning’s specific needs for the long-term.

This holistic approach to operational excellence ensures continuous optimization and system enhancement by taking care of the day-to-day operations of Opus Bilprovning’s AWS infrastructure. It also integrates DevOps methodologies and stringent security measures to ensure seamless and efficient workflows, as well as a constantly raised guard against security threats.

Incident Response: SLA 24/7 By engaging Opsio’s round-the-clock incident response team, Opus Bilprovning can leverage Opsio’s expertise 24/7/365, to efficiently respond to incidents and remediate the underlying issues.

This support mechanism minimizes downtime and disruptions in Opus Bilprovning’s mission-critical operations, further boosting the reliability and resilience of their systems.

Modernization: A continuous journey To meet Opus Bilprovning’s high-set standards for continuous innovation, Opsio and Opus Bilprovning uphold a continuous collaboration cycle to meet modernization requirements dynamically. This agile approach facilitates ongoing system improvement and optimizations aligned with emerging technologies and industry benchmarks.

Opsio’s proactive involvement secures Opus Bilprovning’s goals of remaining adaptive and future-proofed in today’s technological landscape; all the way from specific AWS service optimization to the adoption of new technology.

Transparency & Communication: Forging a strong collaboration The partnership between Opsio and Opus Bilprovning is rooted in transparency and an efficient communication structure. Regular, transparent processes for documentation and communication foster a cohesive working environment, facilitating informed decision making and streamlined collaboration.

This transparent model secures a synchronized view on priorities, KPI’s, and business goals – to ensure the parties always move with purpose to symbiotically approach day-to-day activities as well as new projects and initiatives.

We’re honored to work with such a strong market leader as Opus Bilprovning, and being a partner for the management of their business-critical cloud infrastructure. Their technical leadership team is heavily driven by a willingness to adopt new technologies and solutions to not only improve their infrastructure today, but also to ensure it stands the test of time. We’ve found a good fit in our relationship with Opus Bilprovning. Our synergy reflects a shared commitment to innovation, continuous improvement, and adaptability – setting the stage for sustained growth together.Andreas Johansson, CEO of Opsio
Opsio’s focus on security in the architecture setup is crucial for us. The combination of innovation, agility and a stable managed cloud solution gives us the foundation we need to develop our business further and to growth together with our IT partner Opsio.Jenny Boman, CIO of Opus bilprovning

By working backwards from Opus Bilprovning’s needs, Opsio and Opus Bilprovning initiated a collaboration built on the fundamental pillars of transparency, operational excellence, security and innovation, for the management of Opus Bilprovning’s AWS infrastructure. The partnership between the companies highlights the importance of forging strong alliances, to seamlessly collaborate across multiple technological disciplines – achieving greater results together.

By selecting Opsio as their AWS partner, Opus Bilprovning unlocks the full potential of AWS’ platform, ecosystem and service portfolio. By leveraging Opsio’s Managed Cloud services, the companies can work in an integrated manner to reach business goals, meet dynamic needs, and adhere to platform-specific best practices for Opus Bilprovning.

About Opus

Opus Bilprovning, one of Sweden’s largest automotive inspection companies, stands at the forefront of their industry, boasting nearly 100 inspection stations spanning from Kiruna in the north, to Malmö in the south. Annually, they meticulously inspect around two million vehicles, prioritizing stringent quality checks and customer satisfaction.

With a strong commitment to environmental responsibility, Opus Bilprovning fully offsets its operational carbon footprint, underscoring its dedication to sustainability.

Focusing on customer-centricity, Opus aims to set the benchmark for a pleasant and neat inspection experience with focus on vehicle safety. Their goal is to be the preferred choice for vehicle inspections by offering an easy and secure process that prioritizes customer comfort.

For more information: https://opus.se/

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