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E-Commerce solutions for small and large businesses that want a flexible, secured, highly scalable, and low-cost solution for online sales and retailing.

The main challenges in this industry are scaling with growth, speed of service, and the whole operation is expensive to maintain. Our service offering enables e-commerce businesses to cater to the everchanging and growing demand of the market, with the ability to automatically scale up or down based on demand, traffic, and seasonal spikes of usage.


The Fintech sector needs the confidence to build a secure, compliant, and resilient cloud solution, since crucial data is at stake. Opsio provides flexible services to meet these ever-growing demands.

The main challenges in this industry are security, getting the right insights from analytics, and providing round the clock customer support. Opsio is a perfect partner for Fintech companies to stride through the path of digital transformation. We provide secure cloud services with analytical tools along with magical support throughout the software development lifecycle support from development to deployment.


Digitally transforming the way you travel through innovations, improve customer experiences and maintaining high levels of operational efficiency.

The main challenges in this industry are being flexible, mobile and managing demand surges. We help travel agencies improve operational efficiencies and enhance customer experience – even when faced with a global pandemic. Our cloud services ensure that your world never stops.


Improve your customer journey with personalized experiences and a recommendation engine. Opsio helps drive business efficiencies with machine learning and through artificial intelligence.

The main challenges in this industry are securing the data, keeping the infrastructure up to date, and providing a smooth customer experience. Through Opsio’s smooth migration to the cloud, wholesalers/retailers can deliver service-oriented products to consumers more efficiently than ever, while optimizing costs.


The most purpose-built capabilities of any cloud to help customers transform content production, media supply chain, broadcasting, direct-to-consumer services, streaming, and analytics.

The main challenges in this industry are reducing downtime, increasing availability, scale according to growth and expensive maintenance. Opsio provides the levels of scalability and flexibility that the M&E sector needs to cost-effectively meet volatile demand, while adapting to the ebbs and flows of the ever-evolving media and entertainment industry.

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Our Success Stories
Our dear customers
Through our experienced teams and tailored services, we help guide our customers through their digital transformation journey in the cloud.
Here are a few of our dear customers:

Migration of ETNetwork to AWS
ETNetwork infrastructure was hosted from one datacenter, with inadequate redundancy and resilience when weighted against their growing customer base and with that the increasing demands on performance, availability and security. The nature of their business is such that they need to store millions of small files, and this was causing issues for their storage tier.
Migration of Branasgruppen AB to AWS
Branäsgruppen’s outgoing IT infrastructure was based on VMWare’s ESXi solution, supported by technicians skilled in managing on-premises solutions, from Opsio. The ski window is usually between December and April each year, meaning 5 months of extremely high traffic to the Branäsgruppen’s websites and online applications. They use their IT estate to host their websites and information, including webcam images from the slopes.

Supported platforms

Efficient Cloud computing with AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the world’s biggest and broadly adopted cloud platforms, offering a plethora of fully featured services from data centers globally. With lower costs, become more agile, and innovate faster.

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