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Managed Cloud Provider: 8 Traits to look for an Ideal service

Johan Carlsson

Cloud is empowering, innovation-oriented, and productivity-raising and is the main component when you wish to be a super-agile business. If you cannot take Cloud’s advantage, or it's keeping your resources/developers busy with trivial tasks, your organization might be at fault – just like many other SMBs and enterprises.

8 traits of an ideal managed cloud provider

Choosing a great partner who offers Managed Cloud services can help you in utilizing your Cloud infrastructure efficiently. Most successful Cloud deployments are optimized for growth, scaling, safety, and cost-effectiveness by such experts only.

Wondering how to find an expert team, suited for your organization?

This traits checklist might help you here.

Trait #1 - Is an expert of the Cloud platform your organization uses

Let’s say your organization uses Azure Managed cloud. It won’t be a good idea to hire a service provider who has expertise in AWS Managed cloud only. The vice-versa is also true.

So first, make a list of Cloud platforms or solutions (e.g., Microsoft Azure, Amazon’s AWS, GCP, Oracle, VMware) your organization’s private and public Cloud infrastructure leverages.

And when you start your search for the best managed Cloud resources, make sure you go ahead with a team that has certified professionals able to take care of all platforms/solutions in your list.

This way, you won’t have to hire multiple teams, saving costs as well as time.

Trait #2 - Helps you in Cloud Governance and Compliance

Non-compliant Cloud operations are risky and problematic in multiple terms. They may affect your business operations, give your rivals a chance to beat you in the race, reduce customers’ trust in your organization, and in the worst case – can even force you to halt your operations in a particular region.

A managed Cloud service provider who knows your industry, operating regions, and compliance will help you improve Cloud governance and save you from all possible troubles at once.

Trait #3 - Have a track record of optimized and predictable costing

Always keep these 3 things in mind:

The cost of managed services should be less than managing an in-house team, while its efficiency should be more than that of your in-house team.

The remote team should also be able to reduce your Cloud spending and tell a monthly/periodic forecast for the same.

Your managed provider must offer Managed Cloud infrastructure services at a predictable price.

Trait #4 - Efficient at remote and timely service delivery

If a prospective service provider offers to work 24/5 or a few hours per day, it might not be a good pick for your organization. It’s because of the nature of ‘calamities’ your Cloud infrastructure might face. If a problem has made your whole Cloud network unavailable for your end-users or teams, it should be instantly addressed.

Your hired Cloud professionals should act according to how critical the issue is. They should be available as per the demand of your Cloud.

In fact, the biggest advantage of having a Managed service provider is 24/7 assistance (or all the time when your team is operational) – something that your in-house team, working from the office for 8 to 9 hours on weekdays, cannot offer.

Trait #5 - Focuses on Security, fault-tolerance, and Data Recovery

Data Safety, backup plan, cybersecurity strategy creation, and deploying the best security standards for your Cloud Infrastructure are more important than you think. Just one security loophole is capable enough to make you lose your reputation, market position, revenue, customers, and business. So, make sure that your cloud partner also offers Managed cloud security, and is exceptionally good at doing so.

Trait #6 - Communicate with your Cloud Vendors when needed

No matter which Cloud platform you use, there comes a time when you need to contact your vendor (e.g. Google, VMware, MS Azure, or AWS). And if your Cloud service provider can take care of talking to your vendor and getting the issue resolved for you, you will be relieved from a big burden.

Trait #7 - Is goal-driven and the Master-of-all trades when it comes to Cloud

Your managed Cloud service provider must know when to act, and how to act fast when there is a need. Knowing the goals and fulfilling them on time should be among its top priority. Most importantly, it must be proficient at Cloud customization.

As goal accomplishment is directly related to your service provider's skills, it must be the master of everything related to the Cloud. From saving maintenance costs to optimizing your processes and automating operations, it should be able to help you in everything.

Trait #8 - Does the ‘perfect’ Infrastructure Management for you

It is essential that your service provider is reliable and is able to keep your Cloud ‘up’ almost all the time. For this, go through the SLA and check if the team is promising near 100% server availability.

Managed Cloud Provider: 8 Traits to look for an Ideal service

**Opsio managed Cloud services: **You might be looking for us.

Opsio is a Managed Cloud service provider, offering all Cloud-related services under one roof. We free your precious resources from the Cloud management burden and do all the operational heavy lifting on your behalf. With us, you avail benefits, such as:

  • Certified resources
  • Expert consultation on Cloud adoption and governance
  • Hassle-free Migration and maintenance
  • SLA 24/7 and instant assistance
  • VMware Cloud Management
  • Managed services for AWS, Azure, Kubernetes, Google Cloud


Cloud is among the top trending technologies at present, and it will remain so for this whole decade at least. As we are about to enter 2023, 93% of business owners have either migrated to Cloud or are planning to digitize their business soon. However, it is difficult to say how many of these businesses are able to leverage Cloud’s full potential.

Having the right Managed Cloud Provider by your side can improve things, guaranteed. Hope the above article will help you choose the best one and be a more efficient Cloud user business.

In case you are in search of your perfect Managed Cloud provider, Opsio will make a great choice. Our skilled and certified team is great at infrastructure management and maintenance while possessing every trait enlisted above.

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Johan Carlsson
Johan joined Opsio during its’ founding year, working closely with our customers on their evolution in the cloud landscape. Johan’s favourite subject is innovation, and is driven by curiosity to understand and help solve organization’s unique challenges in the cloud.
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